USA Car Service

USA Car Service

Jari Mäki Oy Service

During the summer 2009 the company did enlargement to the garage building which was built in 2005. Now after renovation five cars can be repaired at the same time. There are 5,5-meters long and 9-meters long car lifts in the garage.

In 2006 the company acquired test equipment for GM, Ford and Chrysler

brands. The company was also granted the set up licence for the speed control equipment. We have six professional vehicle mechanics working in the garage.

There is a waiting room for customers in the upstairs of the garage, where the customers can wait while their cars are in service.

We use American Snap-On –tools in our garage and our test equipment is Tech2, Snap-On Solus and DRB3.

Besides the car service our company inspectes motor vehicles and makes modifications on the cars imported from the US to Finland.





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